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Yi Cao

2020, Dust, Steel, 5.5*5.5*1.5cm, photo credit to Yi Cao

“In my Dust series, brooches are made only out of dust, which was collected from a dryer over a long time. By itself the material is soft and loose, and easily dissolving into the air. Using water and pressure it is compressed by hand into a more solid state into different shapes. The symbols presented by these shapes are the products of our technological time, When all symbols are lost, it is the day life disappears from this world. Whether it is the day we die or one day after our death, this day will come for most of us. I think this unstoppable fading might be the source of our fear of death.”


Yi Cao is a jewellery artist based in Munich. She received her BA jewellery design degree in Beijing and MFA jewellery degree in Edinburgh. The works from Yi are exhibited in many cities in UK and Germany. In the past three years, her work were selected by Schmuck2021 and German Goldsmith House. In her works, she likes comparing and researching the difference between East and West from various angles. Not to point out these differences but find the commonalities across the cultures and nations.

Elephant Mass

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