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Evolution of Being – Glyptodon II

Rho Tang

2021, Mother of pearl, silver and nickel silver (pins), 70mm x 75mm x 5mm, photo credit to Rho Tang

This ongoing series titled “Evolution of Being” is inspired by “mitosis”, a process of replicating new cells. In our lifetime we experience different degrees of “evolution” both physically and psychologically, to re-define ourselves as we go through different stages in the cycle of life. The inner strength develops over time through self-learning and self-exploring, transforming and reflecting the beauty inside out. Each work is composed from identical components, flexible joints between individual parts provide many degrees of freedom for transformation, to express different modalities similar to the genetic variations found in the natural process of evolution.”

Rho Tang is a contemporary jewelry artist based in New York City. She obtained bachelor’s degrees in architecture and fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and a master’s degree in urban planning from the Architectural Association in London. After more than 10 years of studying and working in the architectural design field, Rho seeks to broaden her canvas to a different scale and perspective. Her understanding of form, space, geometry and volume from applied architectural design is carried out in a minimalist approach to jewelry creations. Since 2018, Rho has exhibited work in art galleries and museums throughout Europe, Asia, and America.

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