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Flatland III

Xinia Guan

2021, Sterling silver, 18k Gold, Black patina, 55mm*55mm*12mm, photo credit to Xinia Guan

“My work is rooted in process. Soaking myself in the slowest time, broadest rhythm, in the moment, in every breath. Focus and patience have become a practice and a meditation. From the simplest observations in nature to detailed measuring of intricate forms, I find geometry, patterns and form everywhere in the world around me. Together they built the natural beauty I have known since childhood. I am fascinated by contrast and unity, organization and repetition. Like myself, all start from a point of origin and ride with a circle overlapping another circle, paths cross — sometimes separate. I stretch, fold myself everywhere, never stopping. Through the endless process, it always starts from a circle and ends at another one. I consider these elements as real form, but also as different stages in life. From the daily practice, from zero to one — The accumulation and consumption of each day has turned into a new perspective, a new way of thinking.”


Xinia Guan was born and raised in Inner Mongolia, China. She has Dual B.A. Degree in Literature and Economics from Inner Mongolia University. She studied for an M.F.A. in jewelry at Savannah College of Art and Design. She has achieved several exhibitions in the USA, Europe, and China, participated in JOYA Barcelona 2019, Munich Jewelry week 2020, and Athens Jewelry week 2020.

During four years of graduate study and practice, her works have gradually grown in static production and dynamic communication with the outside world. The combination of time and space has become everything in her current works. The meaning of creation is both construction and deconstruction. What is created in time will also be slowly deconstructed in time. But the process of learning and practicing has become an irreplaceable core on this road.

Elephant Mass

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