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In Between

Meiyi Yang

2021, aluminum, brass, silver, mylar sheets, leather, varieties, photo credit to Ping Wang

“I am just a full-time daydreamer who loves making jewelry.”


Meiyi Yang is a jewelry designer born and raised in Shenzhen, China. She completed her MFA at Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Metal and Jewelry Design. She is based in New York currently

Elephant Mass

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Yi Cao 2020, Dust, Steel, 5.5*5.5*1.5cm, photo credit to Yi Cao “In my Dust series, brooches are made only out of dust, which was collected


Yue Xu 2021, 11 acrylic carving pieces, 5cm*5cm*3cm, photo credit to Qi Liu “The human imagination is not a physical entity, but it plays an

Pick it up – skitter

Mengnan Qu 2021, 24K yellow gold, 18k green gold, 14k yellow gold, fine silver, sterling silver, copper, enamel, keraflex porcelain, nova scotia earthenware, antique porcelain