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Jewellery Diary in Lockdown (32 pieces)

Jieyi Sun

2021, multiple materials, multiple size, photo credit to Fan Liao, Chaxart gallery Amsterdam

“Jieyi Sun finds her great passion and foothold in contemporary jewellery design, art, and curation from a cross-cultural perspective. Jieyi Sun’s artworks are rooted in her social life experiences, linking her personal experiences and reflective thoughts, placing herself in the social and cultural context to be examined and researched. Through contemporary jewellery, her work presents the “mirror image” of the group culture, thus she gains an inner connection with the “self “, and results from acquiring an intrinsic relationship with the ‘oneness’ of the self. The artworks reflect philosophical humanistic concerns, reflections on the times and a vision of the future.”


Jieyi (jie) Sun is a jewellery designer, artist, curator, and PhD researcher focusing on contemporary jewellery currently at the school of Design and Creative Arts, Loughborough University, England. She graduated in jewellery design from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 and obtained a master’s degree in Politecnico di Milano and diploma’s degree in The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich after her study from 2012 to 2019. Living and travelling between Italy, Germany, UK, and the Netherlands.

Elephant Mass

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