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MD-022: Stimulant Pipe — A Property Fiction

Fangge Liao

2021, Pipe: Silver, steel, sapphire, glass; Kit: Rhinoceros and Keyshot, 6in x 2.5in x 1in, photo credit to Fangge Liao

“I believe that most objects in our lives are created with a functioning purpose. They are held, used, assembled, manipulated, configured, refilled… and I am deeply attracted to qualities in moving objects and to the magical moments when humans interact with things, performing a function. Body ornaments, in my opinion, should be no different. I question the long-standing notion that they serve solely to be looked at, and aim to bring the intersection of kinetics and my love for storytelling to a material conception.”


Hi, I’m Frank, a jeweler and designer undergraduate with a B.F.A. in Jewelry + Metalsmithing and a concentration in Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design. I currently work and live in Shanghai, China.

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