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Mr. Jack #Details

Xiangyin Shi

2021, Sterling Silver, Copper, Wood, Camera Remote, Acrylic Paint, 10.5 x 12 x 3.5 cm, photo credit to Xiangyin Shi

“Living in contemporary society is not easy; stress and anxiety lead to isolation making it difficult to express one’s inner world. Technology, however, enables a virtual platform for digital communication, which directly interacts with the human body to collect information, play sounds, project images, play mobile games and more. I combine electronic components with alternative materials including plastic, wood, resin and found objects to make digital communication jewelry. It acts as a device bridging the tangible and intangible, virtual and real, while acting as a mirror for self-discovery through communication between people and machines.”


Xiangyin Shi was born and raised in Hangzhou, China. She works as a jeweler, a designer and an educator. She received a B.A. in accessories at Zhejiang Sic-tech University and is an M.F.A. in jewelry at Savannah College of Art and Design. At a young age, she has achieved several exhibitions and awards, including The 42nd Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show and the Silver Prize of International Design Awards (IDA). As an educator, she teaches classes in portfolio, CAD and bench work for overseas study in different Chinese art institutions. Influenced by Otaku subculture, Xiangyin research interests focus on technology, digital culture and its relationship with young adults. She uses sterling silver with alternative materials including plastic, wood, resin, found objects and electronic components to make playful jewelry. “Jewelry can act as a communication device to bridge the tangible and intangible, virtual and real,” Xiangyin says. Her recent jewelry collection triggers communication between people and devices, helping the outside world to connect with the wearer’s inner world.

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