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Patient Room

Xinhui Zhou

2020, Silver, Gold foil, 2” x 4” x 2”, photo credit to Mali

“In my creative process, I have always been looking for a balance point, which is continually jumping and changing in the space of balance, and I have to say that this point drives the balance so as to frame my work. And this point is not fixed, it changes with the surrounding, so this point could drive the coexistence of collision and harmony, control the transformation between tangible and intangible, resolve the impact of contradictions, remove the tension of confrontation. In a word, I regard this kind of balance point as the critical point in my creation. Through this work, it expresses the confrontation of keeping silent and speaking up under the worldwide epidemic today. The process of balancing confrontation is the process of exploring of the critical point.”


Xinhui Zhou was born in China. She is currently an art major and MFA at State University of New York at New Paltz, where she is focusing on Jewelry and Metalsmithing. She graduated from University of Oregon with BFA.

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