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Tangible Colour

Yajie Hu

2017, Acrylic paint, Silver, PVC, Stainless steel, 8.2 x 7.5 x 3.5 cm, photo credit to Yajie Hu

“As an artist, I am naturally attracted to colour and texture, as well as art as a tangible, wearable object. I investigate the colours, textures and shapes of some interesting objects in nature, such as animals and plants. I also study the attractiveness of striking colour combinations that are found in the natural world. These interests have inspired me to create my jewellery collections. I primarily work with acrylic paint as my ideas are best expressed through it. Working with acrylic paint allows me to be in direct contact with colour. I therefore not only investigate its visual qualities but also explore it as a usable material. At the same time, my designs are based on organic forms, which are then transformed and designed into my own aesthetic pieces. I aim for my designs to be worn on the body, but also to be valued as art objects.”


Yajie Hu is a jewellery artist from China and currently based in the UK. She completed her undergraduate study in the major of Art and Design at Anhui Normal University in China and then achieved her master’s degree in Jewellery Design at Birmingham City University in the UK. After graduation, she went to Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School in Italy for further metalsmithing learning. She is currently doing a PhD at Loughborough University.

Her works have been exhibited internationally. Including TALENTE 2018 International Competition for Young Makers during the Munich Jewellery Week and New York City Jewelry Week 2018. She was one of the three winners of the Preziosa Young Design Competition 2019 in Florence, one of the winners of Porto Joia Award at Collectiva 2019 in Porto, and the Finalist for the 10th Edition Arte y Joya International Award in Barcelona, Spain.”

Elephant Mass

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