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Xiaodai Huang

2016, 3D printing photosensitive resin, velvet, gems, gold-plated silver, etc, 150mm*150mm*40mm, photo credit to Mingcong Xu

“This series of ‘Variants’ is inspired the variation caused by Fukushima nuclear explosion in Japan. This accident has seriously invaded the natural environment; and many creatures may have morphological variation. It makes Xiaodai really concerned about the environment issues. She is very interested in biology, nature and science, so she starts with the current phenomenon of variability caused by pollution, based on mechanical aesthetics, understanding, analysis, extraction, splitting and reorganization of biological variation traits. Finally, using the computer 3D to build and digitally generate and printing, a creature in unknown field will be creates. She wishes that viewers would notice the potential bioenvironmental crisis behind beautiful things while experiencing jewelries.”


Xiaodai Huang is a jewelry maker, designer and artist, Klimt02 jeweler member. Her works has been exhibited nationally and internationally, group exhibitions include United States, Germany, Spain, Netherland, Italy, Korea,Japan, France and China. Part of her honors are: Winner of Preziosa Young 2017 International Contemporary Jewelry Award in Italy; Winner of the Enjoia’t 2016 Contemporary Jewelry Awards in Spain; Finalist of Schmuck 2017 International Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition in Germany; 2017 Finalist of Chinese College Students of the Year. Her works are also collected by many famous art galleries, museums and individuals.

Elephant Mass

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