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Viscera Sensus II

Hairuo Ding

2020, Gut, fabric, salt, iron, breads, thread, pigment, 147 x 23 x 13 cm, photo credit to Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark

“I always keep one eye looking inwards towards myself and the other looking outward to the rest of the world. In this strange life journey, everywhere seems quiet while everything is ferocious, which gives me a sense of urgency to explore something in the world. What do I look for? I look for those distant things I have not been able to reach. I want to find out the call of their souls. I believe I will find them all, and then the two sights will meet in a particular moment, just as two images are thrown into the fire start slowly overlapping one another. They are in the lower treetops, the gap of the whistle ups and downs, the hatred strangers suddenly breaking out into tears, and even the crossroads in streets. I grab, remodel and release them again and again. Sometimes, I am very clear that people’s lives will soon have an end but they will not. It is the only secret in the world that makes me feel real and happy.”


Hairuo Ding is a contemporary jewelry artist (born in China) who is currently living in USA. For her, art is the interpretation of the world and she expresses her findings through her jewellery creations. Her reputation is revived in recent years by the invitation to participate in numerous countries all over the world. She loves to exploring the infinite possibilities of various materials and breaking the normal size and wearing style of traditional art jewelry. Her mixed media artworks wrestle with notions of introspection and the artist’s place facing life’s surrealistic journeys. She focus on the question “what do I look for?”. Ultimately it’s these elusive notions that fuel the artist’s sense of urgency to explore more and create a practice that reflects something tangible in the world.

Elephant Mass

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